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Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Teaching Of Living Ethics & 85th anniversary of the Roerich Pact the book “Fiery World III” was published
Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Teaching Of Living Ethics & 85th anniversary of the Roerich Pact the book “Fiery World III” was published

We are happy now again! The book “Fiery World III” from the series of Agni Yoga (Living Ethics) was published. The project “Living Ethics” in Ukrainian”(firstly in the world) International Public Organization Ukrainian Roerich Society, member of ICR, that kindly gave rights to translate the book from the recent original scientific edition of Living Ethics with extensive comments. This Project was supported by Ludmyla Vasylivna Shaposhnikova the director general of the Center – Museum by Nikolas Roerich (RIP). Continuing traditions of Nicolas Roerich of Protection of National Cultures & Languages. Ludmyla Vasylivna had stressed the importance for Ukraine to have the Teaching of Living Ethics in the mother tongue, because without Teaching the country does not have the future.

We have considered with the great care the translation of terms of the Fiery World and Universal Laws connected with energetical centers of the internal self – microcosmos and connection with Macrocosmos; so we knew how Nicolas Roerich loved Ukraine and heritage of Her Past, especially Spiritual Centers of Attraction, that were left by uncounted tribes of the Great Migration; so we knew the nature of energy of Epochs of prosperity on this land; so we knew the greatness of the Kyiv Epoch, on the base of which Nicolas Roerich created the New Concept of Culture “Unity in Diversity or Sofiynist (The Highest Wisdom) as Kyiv’s Mosaic or Cosmism according to the Teaching of Living Ethics, that is the Great Synthesis of the Past, Present and Future as united Time-Space of eternal values of the national culture as the panhuman value”.

For Ukrainians the Teaching about synthesis and flaming of heart and the Beauty of accumulations of heart. The Synthesis of the national creative works and its founders have accumulated energies of the glorious future, but to rich it it’s necessary to have the Teaching and comprehend the Teaching. The texts of The Fiery World III aimed at the work of conscious of heart, they will evoke Flames of heart that have been sleeping for centuries. They are the saint flames that could easily ignite the striving of each person to the Beauty, to the Beauty of High World.

We infinitely thankful to the International Centers of Roerichs, to the personnel of publishing department Knizhnik T.O., Zabrodna M.B., Zharova I.S., Anikina V.S. for unique work with texts and comments, for friendly cooperation and support.

We are also thankful to all of them who have supported the Ukrainian publishing.

We are happy to express personal thanks to Kozar Iryna, who has performed the work of digitalizing of texts, editing, proofing, translating and preparing book layout.

We are thankful to our sponsors. The project Living Ethics in Ukrainian is been materialize with help of artist:
cosmist Blinova L.G.,
artist - cosmist Ilnytskyi S.V.,
artist of the mountain landscape, cosmist Kozar V.A.,
mathematician and programmer Kozar I.A.,
photo artist Nagirnyi I.V.,
the Family of the artist Plokhotniuk V. and Parkhomenko L.,
members of the Nadvirna Roerich Society,
members of IPO Ukrainian Roerich Society.